Applied Economics

This program is based on the existing "international trade", "industrial economics" and "finance" secondary disciplines to develop into "applied economics "The first-level master's degree in Applied Economics. This degree program covers financial risk management; management and innovation of financial institutions; venture capital and capital market operation; economic statistical theory and methods; financial statistics; economic data mining and decision analysis; global manufacturing development strategy; cultural differences and management communication; analysis of technology introduction of Chinese joint ventures; analysis of the competitiveness of Chinese textile and garment import and export; domestic and foreign industrial structure, industrial organization, industrial policy and industrial security; research on fashion and creative industries and regional industrial competitiveness, etc.

The major insists on linking theory with practice and pays attention to the cultivation of students' innovation ability and comprehensive application ability, and has strong advantages or characteristics in finance research, textile trade, fashion and creative industry, statistics and regional industry analysis.

The faculty of this discipline is strong, and has presided over and completed more than 10 fund projects such as "National Natural Science Foundation", "National Social Science Foundation" and "New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education, PRC", as well as 40 provincial and ministerial vertical projects and enterprise horizontal projects.The achievements have provided important support for the decision-making of governments and enterprises at all levels.And the instructors have published hundreds of influential academic reports.

Management Science and Engineering

Management science and engineering is a first-level discipline, which was granted the right to confer master's degree in 1995 and doctoral degree in 2003. Standing at the frontier of the discipline and adapting to the needs of national economic development, the major has formed characteristic research directions such as information management and information system, e-commerce and logistics, modeling analysis and optimization, knowledge engineering and intelligent decision-making, and service science and operation management. In these research directions, the master's program has won the second prize of national teaching achievements twice and the first prize of provincial and ministerial teaching achievements three times; it has been awarded the construction projects of national specialties and national quality courses; it has completed scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Shanghai Natural Science Foundation of China.

Business Administration

This major takes industrial and commercial enterprises as the research object, to cultivate modern management talents with lofty business ethics and modern management concepts, solid theoretical foundation, familiar with modern management methods and technologies, broad knowledge, broad vision and strong application ability.

The major of business management adheres to the schooling ideas of internationalization, cross-discipline, and equal emphasis on foundation and ability, and has formed professional characteristics in Internet marketing, brand management and fashion creative marketing, knowledge employee management, family business management, corporate finance, enterprise transformation and strategy, service management, and exhibition and tourism management.

The faculty of this major is strong, most of the teachers have the experience of studying in famous universities at home and abroad, familiar with the actual business management, have strong research ability, and excellent moral and academic style. They have completed research projects including National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Social Science Foundation of China, and provided valuable management consulting and training services for enterprises. The major pays attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability, innovation ability and practical ability, focuses on the combination of theoretical teaching and enterprise practice, and provides students with various forms of opportunities for subject research, enterprise service and practical learning.