Management Science and Engineering (First-level Discipline Doctoral Program)

Management Science and Engineering is a first-level discipline in the discipline of management, focusing on the study of management theories, methods and tools that are compatible with the development of modern production and management, science and technology, economy and society, etc. It applies modern scientific methods and technological achievements to elucidate and reveal the rules and patterns of management activities, so as to improve the efficiency of management.

As early as 1959, Donghua University set up the undergraduate program of industrial management engineering and the master program of management engineering in 1982. In 1995, the Master of Management Information Systems program was established. In 1997, it was adjusted to the Master of Management Science and Engineering program according to the new subject catalog. In 1996 and 2002, the doctoral program of Economic Control and Development, Intelligent Decision System and Knowledge Management was set up respectively (affiliated to the doctoral program of Control Theory and Control Engineering of our university) to enroll doctoral students. In 2003, the program was authorized to confer the doctoral degree of the first-level discipline of Management Science and Engineering. The discipline has four research directions, namely E-commerce and Supply Chain Management Intelligent Decision and Information Management Service Science and Creative Management Industrial Engineering and Complex Systems.

Business Administration (First-level Discipline Doctoral Program)

Business management is a first-level discipline in the discipline of management, which takes business enterprises and other for-profit organizations as its target, and studies business theory and management thinking, marketing, organization and human resource management, financial management, innovation and entrepreneurship management, and strategic management. It focuses on the development of modern management theories using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, summarizing the basic laws of business administration, and refining the practical achievements of business management.

The Department of Business Administration of Donghua University has a long history and profound academic accumulation. As early as 1953, the university established the Department of Management, and in 1983, it formally approved the establishment of the master's program in business management, and in 2006, it approved the establishment of the doctoral program in business management, and in 2017, it obtained the right to confer doctoral degrees in the first-level discipline of business administration. The first-level doctoral program in business administration covers business management, accounting, technology economics and management, and tourism management, with six research directions: marketing management, corporate governance and organizational behavior, innovation and creativity management, strategy and entrepreneurship management, corporate finance and risk management, and accounting.

Business management is a highly practical discipline, and theoretical summary and law discovery need to take management practice as the soil. Based on the advantages of our university in textile and garment and fashion industries, this discipline focuses on the deep integration with business administration practice, and is committed to creating a highland of business administration education in the field of special industries and creating a good development platform for talents who are interested in business administration research and practice.