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Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration has a dedicated faculty with rich teaching experience, high academic standards and numerous collaborative projects with enterprises. It has hosted a number of research projects under the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Shanghai Social Science Foundation and the Government Decision-making and Consulting Program, with an average annual research funding of more than 1 million yuan. It has also published a considerable number of retrieved academic papers in five program categories and many academic monographs. The relevant results have won the first prize of Shanghai's excellent achievements in philosophy and society.

There are 42 teachers in the Department of Business Administration, including 6 professors, 21 associate professors and 15 lecturers, 64% of whom have overseas study experience.

General information about the program

The Department of Business Administration has five undergraduate programs (i.e., Marketing, Business Administration, Accounting, Financial Management and Tourism Management) and four master's degree programs (Business Administration, Technical Economics and Management, Accounting and Tourism Management), as well as the PhD program in Business Administration.

In the 2008 Chinese University Evaluation Report, the marketing program of Donghua University ranked second among 380 similar undergraduate programs in the country with an A+ grade. Donghua University is one of the earliest schools to offer the marketing program, and after more than ten years of development, the program construction and curriculum always focus on the needs of social development. The program has a dedicated faculty with rich teaching experience, high academic standards and numerous corporate cooperation projects. As most students are able to participate in the faculty's collaborative projects and gain a wealth of practical knowledge, students are more adaptable to work and capable of solving practical problems after graduation. In addition to the basic professional courses, the program offers two specialised areas of study - the Online Digital Marketing which is to meet the development trend of networking in modern industry and commerce, and the Fashion Marketing which is to combine the strengths of traditional disciplines of Donghua University to become a top talent in Shanghai, a city of fashion.

Business Administration program emphasizes the cultivation of international and complex talents on the basis of a broad-calibre, practice-oriented approach. It covers the core contents of decision-making, marketing, finance, accounting, logistics, human resources, finance, trade, etc. Through offering comprehensive courses such as business decision simulation and management method research, students can apply basic knowledge in a comprehensive manner and become compound talents. In order to meet the current needs of the international development of enterprises, two specializations in this program are available for students to choose from: Digital Management and Fashion Management.

The Accounting program emphasizes the characteristics of the training of internationalized and career-oriented talents in accounting based on a strong foundation and emphasis on practice. The ACCA direction embeds the professional curriculum of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) into the professional curriculum of the accounting program and the professional courses are taught bilingually or in full English, encouraging students to participate in international professional qualifications. The curriculum under the Certified Practising Accountant direction is linked to the CPA curriculum, which focuses on the improvement of students' analytical and practical skills.

The teaching methods of the financial management program are based on the ability to apply financial accounting knowledge, combined with modern investment and financial awareness. It adopts bilingual teaching for its core courses and focuses on integrating theory with practice to improve the students' ability to apply financial knowledge, financial investment and business management knowledge.

The program of Tourism Management cultivates compound and application-oriented senior professional talents with comprehensive development of morality, intellect and physique, solid basic theory and professional knowledge of tourism management, broad knowledge and strong practical ability. It helps them adapt to the 21st century China's tourism industry and the international development needs of the exhibition industry as well as own innovative quality, innovation ability and teamwork spirit, so they can be engaged in management work in tourism administration departments at all levels, tourism enterprises and institutions. At present, the college has maintained close communication and cooperation with the National Tourism Administration, Shanghai Tourism Commission and famous tourism enterprises such as the China International Travel Service, an international famous travel group, and China Youth Travel Service. At the same time, it has established cooperation bases for industry-university-research with more than 20 famous enterprises at home and abroad, so that students can directly participate in the projects.

The master's degree program in Business Administration adheres to the schooling ideas of internationalization, cross-discipline, and equal emphasis on foundation and ability, and has formed certain characteristics in the fields of knowledge employee management, marketing, corporate finance, strategic management, customer management, quality management, corporate culture, etc. The program has a strong faculty and has presided over the research of many important topics under the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Fund of China, the Humanities and Social Science Foundation of the Ministry of Education, etc. The program pays attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability, innovation ability and practical ability, focuses on the combination of theoretical teaching and enterprise practice, and provides students with various forms of subject research, enterprise service and practical learning opportunities.

The master's degree program of Technical Economics and Management takes research techniques and innovation management, venture capital and entrepreneurship management, network technical economics and management as the leading direction, focusing on the concurrent emphasis on theory and practice, combining quantitative and qualitative methods, and based on the guiding ideology of micro technical economics and management. In order to meet the needs of society, we actively explore the way of cultivating high-level comprehensive talents, boldly carry out teaching reform and strive for innovation. The program has a strong faculty, rigorous governance, and outstanding scientific research achievements. The postgraduates trained in this program are mainly innovation management technicians and project managers of administration and enterprises at all levels, and senior management talents for technical and economic analysis and evaluation personnel of financial investment institutions and multinational companies.

The master's degree in Accounting focuses on the study of basic theory and the cultivation of practical ability, and adheres to the school management ideas of combining industry, academia and research, cross-discipline and giving equal importance to foundation and ability. The discipline has a strong faculty and has presided over and participated in many national and Shanghai longitudinal projects and a large number of horizontal projects for enterprises, which has accumulated rich experience in discipline research and teaching and achieved a number of influential academic results. The program cultivates various accounting talents with modern management concepts, solid theoretical foundation, familiar with the frontier of accounting discipline development, mastering modern financial and accounting methods and means, and adapting to the requirements of modern enterprises and institutions.

The master's degree in tourism management focuses on the dual training of students' theoretical study and practical ability, and conveys senior tourism talents to the society. The main research directions are: tourism market research and tourism consumption economy research direction with tourist consumption behavior as the main research content; creative tourism direction featuring cultural creativity; social tourism direction highlighting the cross-study of sociology; tourism service innovation direction based on service innovation theory; and travel management, rural tourism and other research directions. In recent years, relying on the large platform of the School of Management, this discipline has established a faculty team with reasonable levels, optimized age structure and innovative ability. This team has obtained rich results in teaching and research work, not only publishing high-quality academic papers in authoritative academic journals such as the Tourism Tribune, Economic Geography, etc., but also obtaining supports from a number of funding projects, with research propositions either at the forefront of theory or solving realistic problems in the development of China's tourism industry.

The PhD program in Business Administration takes business enterprises as its research object, covering marketing management, corporate governance and organizational behavior, innovation and creativity management, strategy and entrepreneurship management, and corporate finance and risk management, etc. The discipline mainly applies modern management ideas and methods to theoretically summarize and innovate the laws and trends of business management practices, and then refine new theories and methods of business operation and management.

General Introduction of Teaching

The Department of Business Administration undertakes the daily teaching activities such as classroom teaching, extra-curricular internship, opening, qualification examination, pre-defense and defense of five undergraduate programs (Marketing, Business Administration, Accounting, Financial Management and Tourism Management), four master degree programs (Business Administration, Technical Economics and Management, Accounting and Tourism Management) and PhD program in Business Administration.

The department has built a number of high-quality courses, including Consumer Behavior, Financial Management and Accounting, which were awarded the Shanghai Excellence Course, Comprehensive Reform of Accounting Practice, which was awarded the Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award, and Accounting, which was designated as the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan ministry-level planning textbook. It was also awarded as an E-Class model course of Donghua University. The department has invested more in the construction of bilingual courses in the undergraduate curriculum, and Introduction to Marketing has been recognized as an exemplary all-English course in Shanghai's first-class undergraduate curriculum.

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