Departments & Centers

Department of Applied Economics

The Department of Applied Economics has two undergraduate majors in Finance and International Economics and Trade, and four master's programs in Finance, Industrial Economics, International Trade and Statistics.

There are twenty-eight teachers in service, including eleven professors, fourteen associate professors and three lecturers. Among them, eleven are professors, fourteen are associate professors, three are lecturers, one is a New Century Outstanding Talent of the Ministry of Education, three are national outstanding teachers of Baosteel, one is a Shuguang Scholar of Shanghai, and three are Pujiang Talents of Shanghai. Many faculty members have overseas study or visiting research backgrounds, and actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with academic and practical circles at home and abroad.

We have actively carried out teaching reform and achieved remarkable results. More than ten Shanghai high-quality courses, Shanghai key courses and school key courses have been built. We have won the first prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievement and the second prize of China Textile Industry Federation for many times; we have published several ministry-level planning textbooks and won the Shanghai Excellent Textbook Award for many times.

We have actively enhanced our scientific research strength and achieved excellent results. We have undertaken many scientific research projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation of China, Humanities and Social Science of the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Social Science Planning, etc. We have provided more than 10 results for local governments and enterprises in decision making and consulting; We have published a number of scientific research papers in Economic Research, Management World, Journal of Management Science, Economics (Quarterly), International Business Review and Journal of Business Research. We have published many papers in domestic and international academic journals such as Journal of Business Research; published more than ten academic monographs; and won many awards such as Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences in Shanghai and National Business Development Research Results of the Ministry of Commerce.

Focusing on talent cultivation, we aim to cultivate senior professionals with strong foundation, high quality, innovation and internationalization. Students actively participate in various competitions and achieve excellent results. We actively carry out international exchange and cooperation and send students to famous overseas universities for academic exchange every year to expand students' international vision, and some programs can award double degrees.