Remarkable Events

In February 2021, Mr Shen Bin's Fashion Supply Chain Management course at the Glorious Sun School of Business and Management was accredited by the Textile Institute (TI). Fashion Supply Chain Management is a professional elective course for undergraduate students from the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Management Science and Engineering in the School of Management, and has been rated as one of the most popular courses for international students at Donghua University. After years of accumulation, the course was awarded the third prize by the China Textile Industry Federation for teaching achievements in textile higher education in 2017 and the title of exemplary course for foreign students taught in English in Shanghai universities in 2019. The course is now accredited by the International Textile Institute, reflecting the international professionalism of the course.

Founded in 1913, the International Textile Institute is the oldest textile institute in the world and has a long-standing reputation in the global textile industry with high industry recognition. At present, schools that have been accredited for these courses include the University of Manchester in the UK, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and RWTH Aachen University in Germany.

Writter: Shen Bin