Remarkable Events

On 29 January 2021, the Cloud Award Ceremony of the Global Business School Excellence Awards organized by the Association of MBAs & Business Graduates (AMBA&BGA) came to an end. The MBA program of Donghua University's School of Business and Management of the Glorious Sun participated in the declaration of the Award of Excellence and finally won the Silver Award of the Best Global Social Responsibility Award, which was the first time that Donghua University has won the AMBA&BGA Award of Excellence. It is reported that there are 11 excellence awards in AMBA&BGA Excellence Awards 2021, and four universities in China are on the list, among which Jiangnan University won the Bronze Award of Best Business School Partner Award, and Harbin Institute of Technology and Shantou University were nominated for the Best Innovation Strategy Award and the Best Social Responsibility Award respectively.

The AMBA&BGA Best Social Responsibility Award recognizes the quality and achievement of social responsibility education demonstrated by AMBA and BGA-recognized business schools in business education, promoting the idea that business schools educate and encourage students to use business to create economic and social value and foster sustainable development. The Glorious Sun School of Business Administration is a world-renowned business school with a focus on fashion, textiles and apparel. Its MBA program educates management leaders in the global fashion field, while providing fair, friendly and creative educational resources, contributing to the heritage, development and innovation of fashion economic management, and promoting social responsibility-oriented partnerships between the school and social organizations and enterprises.

 (The picture shows that the Glorious Sun School of Business and Management won the Silver Award of AMBA&BGA Global Best Social Responsibility Award)

Donghua University became the third batch of MBA pilot colleges in China in 1996 and officially launched in 1997, with the mission of constructing a diversified and innovative characteristic education platform and cultivating excellent management elites with strong virtues and solid foundation, accurately grasping the educational requirements of students and teaching them according to their abilities. Donghua University MBA has created a distinctive education path of multi-program operation and differentiated cultivation. At present, there are cutting-edge MBA Program, Leadership MBA Program, Fashion MBA Program, China-Canada Dual Degree MBA Program and EMBA Program, and has trained more than 5,000 MBA students in total.

For eight consecutive years from 2013 to 2020, Donghua University MBA has been ranked 11th in the Most Influential MBA in China by the selection committee chaired by Robert Mundell, the father of the Euro and Nobel Laureate in Economics, and compiled by World Entrepreneur magazine of World Manager Group. In the fourth round of discipline assessment released by the Ministry of Education in December 2017, MBA was ranked among the top 20%-30% in China, and in the first professional degree level assessment released by the Ministry of Education in July 2018, MBA was ranked among the top 25%-35% in China.

The Association of MBAs (AMBA): Founded in the UK in 1967, AMBA is an independent institution specializing in the accreditation of MBA quality. The accreditation focuses on reflecting the development of business and management practices, and the accreditation criteria cover nine major areas, including college, programs, faculty, students, achievements, curriculum, teaching, assessment, and influence. Currently, 287 university business schools worldwide are accredited by AMBA and 150 university business schools are accredited by BAG. Donghua University the Glorious Sun School of Business and Management passed AMBA accreditation in 2017 to achieve a milestone leap against the international standard.

Writter: Shen Bin