Remarkable Events

On January 16, the Glorious Sun School of Business and Management 2021 Alumni New Year's Forum was held at Yan'an Road Campus, where former alumni from various industries gathered to discuss industry development information and look forward to the New Year's vision. Secretary of the Party Committee Lin Wenwei, Vice President Liu Changkui, Deputy Director of School Development Liaison Office and Deputy Secretary General of Alumni Association Wu Baogen, Director of Professional Degree Education Center Wang Wenjie, Professor of Finance Department Tian Zengrui and other leaders and guests attended the event. The event was hosted by Zhang Keke, an alumnus of MBA class of 2015.

Vice President Liu Changkui delivered an opening speech to the event on behalf of the college. In his speech, he introduced the development history of the college and the achievements of alumni work in 2020, and sent an invitation to the alumni under the background of the 70th anniversary of the university, welcoming them to support and participate in the alumni work of the college as always.

 (Vice President Liu Changkui delivered the opening speech)

The forum activities are divided into two halves.

In the first half, four guests shared their views and opinions on their industry sectors and shared the current situation of industry development. Gao Bibu, Chairman of Dahan SanTong Holdings Group, introduced the future prospects of 5G development to the participants through the keynote speech of Firm Confidence, Meeting 5G RCS Opportunities and Challenges; Dong Mingmin, Managing Director of Guotai Jun'an Financial Products Department, with the theme of New Changes and Trends in Financial Products Market under the Background of Strong Regulation, reviewed the development history of China's financial products market and analyzed the new changes and trends in financial products market. Mr. Zheng Yuhai, Vice President of Dragonfly FM, took his own entrepreneurial story as the starting point to analyze the development prospects of audio product technology and content in today's listening scenario, and talked about Everything Has a Voice in the Post-Epidemic Era; Mr. Sun Wen, President of Shanghai Huamu Sub-branch of China Everbright Bank, gave a keynote speech on Banking Development Trends in the Epidemic, showing the development status of the banking industry under the background of strong financial regulation and normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

(Keynote speech by Gao Bibu, Chairman of Dahan SanTong Holdings Group)

(Keynote speech by Dong Mingmin, Managing Director, Financial Products Department of Guotai Jun'an)

(keynote speech by Zheng Yuhai, Vice President of Dragonfly FM)

(Keynote speech by Sun Wen, President of Shanghai Hua Mu Sub-branch of China Everbright Bank)

In the second half of the roundtable discussion, five guests, including Wu Haidong, executive director of Shanghai Zhongying Puchuang Communication Technology Co., Ltd.; Xiao Lianbo, President of Shanghai Guanghua integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital; Yao Xu, founder and CEO of Shanghai Mark Hu Zhong Chuang Space Management Co., Ltd(MAKE021).; Wang Lei, managing director of Zhonglin Forestry Development Co., Ltd.; Chen Ying, founder and president of Shanghai hanwo Asset Management Co., Ltd. They discussed and interacted with the audience on topics such as epidemic situation, industry status, career choice, asset allocation, public welfare concept, etc. The atmosphere was lively and full of wonderful words.

(Alumni guests had a round-table discussion)

It is known that since the domestic epidemic prevention and control achieved stage results in the second half of 2020, the college has received then91 grade alumni of the class of engineering and management to return to school and the 25th anniversary of graduation, held the first council work meeting of the college alumni association, and in the context of the 70th anniversary of Donghua University in 2021, the college plans to carry out a series of alumni activities, including alumni return to school, alumni salon, alumni enterprise visits, etc., as a warm-up and dedication of the 70th anniversary series of activities.

Writer: Xu Shouye, Ding Wei

Photographer: Gu Ziqi