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Department of Management Science and Engineering

The Department of Management Science and Engineering of Donghua University has 37 teachers, including 10 professors, 17 associate professors and 10 lecturers. The department includes three majors: Information Management and Information System, E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management. The department has been conferring master's degree in Management Science and Engineering since 1995 and doctoral degree in Management Science and Engineering since 2003.

General Introduction of Majors

1、Major of Information Management and Information System

The Department of Information Management of Donghua University was established in 1983, and has been recruiting undergraduate students majoring in Information Management and Information Systems since 1993. The major consists of two specialties, Business Data Analysis and Information System Operation, aiming to cultivate senior information management talents with information technology and management knowledge. Such talents will have the foundation of management theory and the ability to integrate information technology knowledge with management business; master the analysis and design methods of information systems, be familiar with the practice and application of enterprise information management, and be able to apply information technology knowledge from the management perspective; master the application and analysis of big data in management business, and be able to develop big data application software and conduct big data business analysis; be competent to work in government departments and They are capable of planning, constructing, maintaining and researching information management and information systems in government departments and various enterprises and institutions, and are engaged in enterprise management software development, information management consulting, information system analysis, auditing and evaluation, as well as other positions requiring senior information talents. The major was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2009 as an undergraduate specialty construction project, and was selected as one of the first national first-class undergraduate specialty construction sites in 2019. The major has one national famous teaching teacher, one national high-quality course, and has won several national teaching achievement awards.

2、Major of E-commerce

The School of Management of Donghua University is one of the first units in China to carry out undergraduate teaching of e-commerce. The major cultivates senior business management talents who have knowledge of computer technology, management and economics, master modern information technology, have high information awareness, and can skillfully apply e-commerce technology, modern management methods, and modern service knowledge and methods. 2019, the major of e-commerce was selected as one of the first national first-class undergraduate major construction points. The major has three professional modules: e-commerce entrepreneurship and operation, business data analysis, and e-commerce supply chain. The graduates are trained with both solid knowledge of business management and strong information awareness and ability to engage in modern business management. Introduce the latest technical knowledge of IBM in the curriculum, and realize all-round cooperation with IBM in teacher training, student training and scientific research. We organize IBM technical certification training and examinations among students, and those who pass can obtain the global unified certificate issued by IBM. In the national e-commerce 'Innovation-Creativity-Entrepreneurship' challenge held by the Ministry of Education, the students have won the first prize nationwide for many times.

3、Major of Supply Chain Management

The major of Supply Chain Management of Donghua University is one of the first undergraduate majors in logistics established in Shanghai. It cultivates interdisciplinary and comprehensive high-quality supply chain management talents who are well-rounded in moral, intellectual and physical development, master modern supply chain management theory and technology, familiar with logistics business in domestic and foreign production and circulation activities, and have modern management consciousness and international strategic vision. The predecessor of Supply Chain Management is Logistics Management and Engineering. The major of logistics management and engineering was ranked No.3 in China in 2012 in the ranking of first-level disciplines of undergraduate education. The major has 2 professional modules: e-commerce supply chain management and supply chain data analysis. The major is oriented to the market demand and aims to combine theory and practice, and the training direction of the major is 'supply chain system design and management with information technology as the core'. Graduates have strong foreign language, mathematical and computer application skills, and are capable of designing, managing and operating supply chain logistics systems, international logistics operations, marketing and procurement management, planning and management of supply chain enterprises, organization of logistics services, and design of e-commerce supply chain information systems.

General Introduction of Research Achievements:

The research directions of the faculty in this department cover the current mainstream research fields in the first-level discipline of management science and engineering, such as information management and information system, intelligent decision making and decision support, service science and management, supply chain management, e-commerce, reverse logistics, customer relationship management, and business intelligence. The teachers of the department have made remarkable research achievements in the field of management science and engineering. In recent years, the teachers have actively declared various national and provincial level projects, and have applied to the National Natural Fund, National Soft Science Project, Shanghai Natural Fund, Shanghai Social Science Fund, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and other projects. In recent years, teachers in the department have published nearly 300 papers, including more than 100 papers retrieved by SCI, SSCI and ISTP. Nearly 10 monographs have been published in People's University Press, Tsinghua University Press, and Mechanical Industry Press, etc.

General Introduction of Talent Cultivation:

The department is committed to the integrated construction of Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. in Management Science and Engineering, and has signed a total of nearly 10 well-known enterprises with the cooperation of industry-university-research internship base, which provides students with a good practice platform in the industry-university research. It has carried out in-depth cooperation with many companies such as IBM, Microsoft and China Telecom, and built the Donghua University-IBM E-Commerce Discipline Development Center, E-Commerce Professional Laboratory, Logistics and Supply Chain Process and Simulation Laboratory, which provides a good open experimental environment for students. We actively lead students to participate in various domestic and international large-scale competitions, including the National Mathematical Modeling Competition, the American College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition, the Chinese College Student Computer Design Competition, the National Business Simulation Competition, the National Database Engineer Competition, the IBM National College Student Business Process Modeling Competition, the National College Student E-Commerce 'Innovation-Creativity-Entrepreneurship The major has achieved a number of remarkable results in the 'Innovation-Creativity-Entrepreneurship' Challenge, National Student Logistics Design Competition, National Student E-Commerce Competition, etc.

Graduates of this major have broad knowledge and strong work adaptability. The main destinations of previous graduates: financial service industry, management consulting industry, accounting firm, institutions, government agencies, software production industry, etc. They are mainly engaged in information system implementation, information system development, development of big data application software, big data analysis, project management, information consulting, information system audit, development and design of various kinds of management software, pre-sales technical consultation and after-sales user technical support, etc. Work. Some of the graduates have been admitted to the government civil service, and the ratio of domestic and foreign master's degree students has been increasing year by year, and the employment rate and starting salary of graduates are in the forefront of the society on average.


Department Head: Shen Bin, Vice Department Head: Wu Yong


Office: Room 529,528, Sunrise Building