Yong Wu

Office: Room 528, Glorious Sun School old Building

Email: wuyong@dhu.edu.cn

research interests: information security management


Wu Yong, lecturer, master supervisor, deputy director of Department of management science and engineering, academic director of engineering management, School of management, Donghua University. He has published many SCI papers in international famous journals such as JAIS, JORS, Da, CAIE and ESWA, presided over and participated in 4 projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China, and acted as reviewer of several SCI journals.


  • 2013.09-2018.02  Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, City University of Hong Kong, Ph.D.

  • 2012.09-2017.12  Business Administration, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Ph.D.

  • 2008.09-2012.06  E-Commerce, Hefei University of Technology, B.S.

Work Experience

  • since 2018.01    Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University, Lecturer

Honors and Awards

  • 2021 Outstanding Instructor of Shanghai College Students' Computer Application Ability Competition

  • 2020  Outstanding Class Tutor of Donghua University

  • 2019  May Fourth Youth Pioneer Post of Donghua University

  • 2019  The Second Prize of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province

  • 2018  Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi Colleges and Universities


Journal Papers

  • Wu, Y., Giri, T., Feng, G., & Fung, K. (2021). Managing information security outsourcing under a dynamic cooperation environment. Journal of the Association for Information Systems.Vol.22: Iss.3.

  • Wu, Y., Xiao, H., Dai, T., & Cheng, D. (2021). A game-theoretical model of firm security reactions responding to a strategic hacker in a competitive industry. Journal of the Operational Research Society.Publish online.

  • Wu, Y., L. Wang, D. Cheng and T. Dai (2021). Information security decisions of firms considering security risk interdependency. Expert Systems with Applications. 178:114990.

  • Cheng, D., Yuan Y. X., Wu, Y. et al (2021). Maximum satisfaction consensus with budget constraints considering individual tolerance and compromise limit behaviors. European Journal of Operational Research. Publish online.

  • Wu, Y., Duan, J., Dai, T., & Cheng, D. (2020). Managing security outsourcing in the presence of strategic hackers. Decision Analysis, 17(3): 235-259.

  • Cheng, D., Cheng, F., Zhou, Z., & Wu, Y. (2020). Reaching a minimum adjustment consensus in social network group decision-making. Information Fusion, 59: 30-43.

  • Wu, Y., Feng, G., & Fung, K. (2018). Comparison of information security decisions under different security and business environments. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 69(5).

  • Wu, Y., Fung, K., Feng, G., & Wang, N. (2017). Decisions making in information security outsourcing: Impact of complementary and substitutable firms. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 110: 1-12.

  • Wu, Y., Feng, G., Wang, N., & Liang, H. (2015). Game of information security investment: Impact of attack types and network vulnerability. Expert Systems with Applications, 42(15-16): 6132-6146.

  • Wu, Y., Feng, G., & Wang, N. (2013). A comparative study of business model for typical logistics public information platforms in China, 264(10): 14-21.

  • Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Wu, Y., Richard, Y., Fung, K., Feng, G., & Wang, N. (2016). Decisions on information security outsourcing with complementary firms, presented at the 23rd EurOMA Conference-Interactions, Trondheim, Norway, 17-22.

  • Wu, Y., Giri, K., Feng, G., Richard, Y., & Fung, K. (2018). Managing information security outsourcing under a dynamic cooperation environment, presented at the 12th China Summer Workshop on Information Management, Qingdao, China, 22-24.

Chapters, Academic Books, and Textbooks

  • Feng, G., Wu, Y., Shi, X. Logistics Information System. Beijing: China Machine Press,2020.

  • Feng, G., Wu, Y. et al. Logistics Standards of the People's Republic of China: Statistical index system of iron and steel logistics WB/T1071-2018

  • Feng, G., Wu, Y., & Zhao, S. (2015). Theory and Practice of Logistics Public Information Platform, Beijing: China Science Press.

Teaching and Research Projects

  • 2020-2021  Case teaching design of "principles and applications of big data technology" course based on innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, Donghua University's Specialty Innovation Integration Project, Principal

  • 2019-2021  Research on information security contract design and investment decision based on security externality, General Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China(71801035), Principal

  • 2018-2020  Information security investment decision-making research, Central University Basic Scientific Research Business Fee Special, Principal


  • Undergraduate: Management Information System, Operations Research(bilibili.com/video/BV1fE41137fJ), Big Data Technology Principle and Application

  • Graduate: Big Data Principle and Technology, Transportation Management, Business Data Analytics


Academic Association Memberships

  • Reviewer for Journals ISR,ISF,TRE,ECRA and et al

  • Member of China Logistics Society