Yao Lu

Office: Room 321, Management Building

Email: luyao2000@dhu.edu.cn

research interests: economy of tourism industry


Lu Yao is the lecturer of Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University.Her research interests include economy of tourism industry, development and protection of tourism resources and management of leisure and recreation.


  • 1997.09-1999.07  Economics, Wuhan University Of Technology, M.E.

  • 1988.09-1992.07  International Taxation, Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics, B.E.

Work Experience

  • since 2004.09    Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University, Lecturer

  • 1994.11-2004.08  Business and Management School, Wuhan University of Technology

  • 1992.09-1994.10  People's Insurance Company of China Shashi Branch


Journal Papers

  • Du, X., & Lu, Y. (2009). A study of global M2/GDP levels and trends. Shanghsi Finance, 14-18.

  • Du, X., & Lu, Y. (2008). An international comparative analysis of M2/GDP>1 influencing factors. Investment Research, 6-10.

  • Wang, L., & Lu, Y. (2007). Research on the development trend of domestic exhibition activities-Taking Shanghai as an example. Chinese Market, 25-27.

  • Lu, Y. (1999). Structure analysis of effective tariff protection in China. Finance and Tax, 25-27.

  • Wu, X., & Lu, Y. (1996). Analysis of the reasons for the regional collectivization of the world economy. Systems Engineering and Decision Making, 3.

  • Lu, Y. (1995). Transformation of China's export model. Journal of Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics.

Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Wu, X., & Lu, Y. (1998). Equivalence between DEA effectiveness and technical input output effectiveness, presented at Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Management.

Chapters, Academic Books, and Textbooks

  • Wei, L., & Lu, Y. International Trade and International Finance, Wuhan University of Technology Press.

Teaching and Research Projects

  • 2011  Corporation culture strategy of Hengshan(Group) company, Participant

  • 2008  Research on the development of service trade and the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure in Shanghai, Participant

  • 2008  Innovative public policy implementation, tracking evaluation and adjustment mechanism and related program design, Project of Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, Participant

  • 2004  Special research topic of doctoral program of ministry of education, study on the characteristics and selection of regional leading industries and export-oriented economy, Participant


  • Undergraduate: Tourism Economics, Tourism Resources, Management of Leisure and Recreation, Tourism Culture