Yusi Jiang

Office: Management Building 407

Email: jiangyusi@dhu.edu.cn

research interests: social network, corporate governance


Dr. Yusi Jiang joined Glorious Sun School of Management, Donghua University in autumn 2020. She is currently a assistant professor in the School of Management, Donghua University.  She received her doctoral degree majored in management science and engineering at Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2020. Her research area is strategic management, with interests in social network, corporate governance, firm innovation, firm misconduct, etc.


  • 2012.09-2020.09  Management Science and Engineering, Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ph.D.

  • 2008.09-2012.06  Information Management and Information System, School of Management, Northwestern Polytechnical University, B.S.

Work Experience

  • since 2020.10    Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University, Assistant Professor

Academic Experience

  • 2016.09-2017.08  Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University, Visiting Student

Honors and Awards

  • 2016  Merit Student of SJTU

  • 2016  Excellent Counselor of SJTU

  • 2011  Model of Communist Youth League of NWPU

  • 2011  Outstanding Youth Volunteer of the Communist Youth League of NWPU

  • 2010  Outstanding Student Leaders in Student Union of NWPU

  • 2008-2011  Merit Student of NWPU


Journal Papers

  • Jiang, Y., Yang, Y., & Zhao, Y. (2020). Partners’ centrality diversity and firm innovation performance: evidence from China. Industrial Marketing Management, 88: 22-34.

  • Jiang, Y., & Zhao, Y. (2019). Financial fraud contagion through board interlocks: the contingency of status. Management Decision, 58(2): 280-294.

  • Jiang, Y., Li, Y., & Zhao, Y. (2020). Mask dilemma and innovation for production and operation mode of public health products. Science Research Management, 41(6): 37-46.

  • Jiang, Y. (2015). The influence of perceived pressure and opportunity from external environment on firm green performance. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 32(11): 72-76.

Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Yang, Y., Jiang, Y., & Tian, L. (2020). CEO childhood trauma and strategic risk taking: are social networks antidotes or poison?, presented at Strategic Management Society Annual Conference (SMS), London, UK.

  • Jiang, Y., Gong, T., Cheng, W., & Zhao, Y. (2020). Repression or indulgence? distinctive government influence on firm financial and environmental misconduct in China, presented at 2020 Biennial Conference International Association for Chinese Management Research(IACMR), Xi’an, China.

  • Jiang, Y., & Tian, L. (2018). Collective turnover and team performance: A tale of two cultures, presented at 2018 biennial conference international association for Chinese management research(IACMR), Wuhan, China.

  • Jiang, Y. (2017). Financial misconduct contagion within board interlocks: the contingency of status, presented at 2017 Annual Conference of Academy of Management(AOM), Atlanta, USA.

  • Jiang, Y., Lewin, A., & Wang, H. (2016). The structural holes of the closest partner and the evolution of focal unit's centrality, presented at 2016 Annual Conference of Academy of Management(AOM), Anaheim, USA.

  • Jiang, Y., & Tsui, A. (2015). Network brokerage and individual creativity: the contingency of tie strength and time, presented at 2015 Annual Conference of Academy of Management(AOM), Vancouver, Canada.


Academic and Social Posts

  • Reviewer for journal ABM, AOM annual conference and IACMR annual conference

  • Academic Association Memberships

Academy of Management(AOM), Member

  • International Association for Chinese Management Research(IACMR), Member