Junying Yu

Office: Room 610, Glorious Sun School Building

Email: yujunying@dhu.edu.cn

research interests: marketing, digital transformation and upgrading


Yu Junying, female, Han nationality, born in January 1973 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, is an associate professor and master's supervisor of Department of business administration, School of management, Donghua University, and the director of “clothing brand management” of youth base of special fund of Central University. In 2009, she was a visiting scholar at the Graduate School of international business, University of South Australia. Member of AMA and AIB. She participated in one project of National Natural Science Foundation of China(completed), presided over one project of Shanghai philosophy society(under research) and one project of Humanities and social sciences of Ministry of Education(completed), and many horizontal scientific research projects from enterprises and government. She published 20 papers, 2 monographs and 1 co-author in domestic academic journals. Long term engaged in brand management, network marketing and international business related research. Recent research interests focus on: channel integration in the context of Omni channel, brand remodeling in the context of mobile Internet.


  • 2006.09-2011.05  School of Management, Donghua University, Ph.D.

  • 1998.09-2001.03 Enterprise Management, School of Management, Donghua University, M.A.

  • 1991.09-1995.07  Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology, B.S.

Work Experience

  • since 2011.08    Marketing Management and International Business, Donghua University Rising Sun Business Administration Department of Business, Associate Professor

  • 2008.09-2011.08  Marketing and International Business, Department of Business, Donghua University Rising Sunshine School of Business, Lecturer

  • 2001.03-2008.08  Marketing and International Business, Donghua University Rising Sunshine School of Marketing, Lecturer

Academic Experience

  • 2009.09-2010.02  International Business School, University of South Australia, Visiting Scholar

Honors and Awards

  • 2009  the Fifth Prize Given by Institutions of Higher Education and Teaching in Shanghai

  • 2006  Donghua University Undergraduate Outstanding Paper

  • 2005  the Third Achievement Award Given by Institutions of Higher Education and Teaching in Shanghai

  • 2004  the Second Prize Given by the SAIC Group Education Foundation

  • 2004  the Fifth Prize of Outstanding Paper on Customer Satisfaction and Factor Analysis of B2C Book and Video Websites


Journal Papers

  • Chen, L., Liu, C., & Yu, J. (2015). Examining enterprise strategy from the perspective of a commercial network: A case study based on the training industry. Business Research, (2): 135-143.

  • Chen, L., Liu, C., & Yu, J. (2015). Reviewing corporate's strategies from business networking perspective: A case study in training & education institutes. Commercial Research, (02): 135-143.

  • Yu, J., & Shen, L. (2013). Marginal utility study on indicator of brand equity. Forecasting, 032(003): 60-64, 69.

  • Yu, J., & Shen, L. (2013). A study on the marginal utility of brand value components. Prediction, 32(3): 60-64, 69.

  • Yu, J., Yang, Y., & Du, Q. (2012). Evaluation of clothing brand value and its comparative study. Journal of Textile Science, 33(8): 134-139.

  • Yu, J., Shen, L., & Du, Q. (2012). Customer value evaluation based on customer statistics and decision. (14): 80-82.

  • Xu, M., Fu, X., & Yu, J. (2000). The application of mystery shopping in an apparel retailing chain in China. Research Journal of Textile & Apparel, 4(1): 59-70.

  • Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Yu, J. (2011). Typology and influence analysis of opinion leader: A case study on fashion online shopping, the 2nd International Coference on E-Business & E-government. (EI)

  • Wang, H., Luo, X., & Yu, J. (2011). Evaluation of public policy for innovation, the 2nd International Coference on E-Business & E-government. (EI)

  • Yu, B., & Yu, J. (2009). Integrating the kano model into designing service quality of online-shopping web to enhance customer satisfaction, International Conference on Engineering Management and Service Sciences EMS. (EI/ISTP)

  • Yu, J., & Liu, P. (2008). Influence factors of purchase decision based on consumers' perception: a study of top-graded cosmetic, the Seventh Wuhan International conference on E-Business: Unlocking the Full Potential of Globel Technology. (ISTP)

  • Yu, J., & Yu, B. (2007). Factor analyses on consumer satisfaction of online shopping, Proceedings of 2007 Conference on Systems SCIENCE, Management Science and System Dynamics. (ISTP)

  • Yu, J., Cang, p., & Cai, Y. (2007). Brand extension strategy evaluations based on consumer perception, Proceedings of 2007 International Conference on Management Science & Engineering. (EI/ISTP)

Chapters, Academic Books, and Textbooks

  • Yu, J. (2013). Image Recognition Effect of Brand Value, Beijing: Enterprise Management Press.

  • Yu, J. (2011). Research on the Value of Chinese Clothing Brands: Fashion Consumption, Enterprise Management Press.

  • Shen, L., Du, Q., Yu, J., Li, H., & Yu, K. (2010). A Study on the Value of Chinese Clothing Brand: Panorama in Mainland China, Tsinghua University Press.

Teaching and Research Projects

  • 2008  Research on application condition of quality inspection equipment in textile industry, Switzerland Uster Technology Co., Ltd., Principal

  • 2007-2009  Three year investigation project on public security and police style in Baoshan, Baoshan Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau

  • 2006  Commercial district consulting, Shanghai Shangde Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Principal

  • 2002  Investigation on production situation and market competition of printing and dyeing enterprises in China, China Textile Industry Association, Principal


Academic Association Memberships

  • Member of China Textile Engineering Society (since 2020)

  • The American Marketing Association (AMA)

  • The International Business Association (IBA)