Ling Wang

Office: Room 729, Glorious Sun School Building


research interests: business travel management, marketing planning


Associate Professor, Master tutor, served as director of Donghua University Department of Exhibition and Tourism Management. Expert member of "Shanghai tourism expert library", Shanghai municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) investment advisory expert panel member, distinguished expert of the Chinese association of planning, Shanghai Tourism Management Teaching Guidance Committee member. As one of the founders of Donghua University Department of Tourism, has long engaged in teaching and scientific research work. Over the years, constantly innovate tourism and exhibition talent cultivation system, so access to teaching achievement award, recognized by college teachers and students and become students' idea of a good teacher.

Work Experience

  • since 2003       Department of Tourism, Donghua University, Associate Professor

  • 1997.09-2003.03  School of Tourism Economic and Trade, Jiangnan University, Associate Professor

  • 1988.07-1997.09  Department of Food Science and Engineering, Ningxia University, Lecturer

Honors and Awards

  • 2014  Donghua University School of Management “Students' Idea of a Good Teacher”

  • 2011  The China Exhibition Economy Research Outstanding Achievement First Prize

  • 2005  The First Prize of Donghua University Teaching Achievement, The Second Prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievement


Journal Papers

  • Wang, L., Zhang, W., & Qiu, J. (2017). Business travel service specialization: A review of business travel management overseas. Tourism Tribune, 32(3): 117-126.

  • Wang, L., & Li, M. (2017). The analysis of OTA commission mode based on the game theory view. Tourism and Hospitality Prospects, 2: 79-87.

  • Zhang, Y., Wang, L., Shao, L., & Lu, M. (2015). Using brand personality to differentiate rural destinations. Resource Development & Market, 11: 1401-1404.

  • Fu, Z., Wang, L., Wu, X., & Zhang, K. (2012). The summary of hotel performance measurement-based on the adoption of data envelopment analysis. Tourism Forum, 05(3): 90-94.

  • Wang, L., & Zhao, Y. (2010). Study on the influencing factors of Shanghai consumers' travel behavior in America based on fishbein model. Productivity Research, 12: 116-117.

Teaching and Research Projects

  • 2016  Research on the construction of intellectual property protection system of tourism industry in ethnic areas, Ningxia Law Society, Principal

  • 2016.07-2016.11  Survey on Chinese travelers demand, the United States Expo(Saber) International Company, Participant

  • 2014.07-2014.11  China's large and medium-sized enterprises business travel trends and behavior survey, Abacus International Limited Company of Singapore, Principal

  • 2011-2013  Research on Hengshan brand positioning strategy, Shanghai SASAC Hengshan Group, Principal

  • 2010.09-2011.09  Research on the new format and growth potential of post-Expo exhibition industry, the Shanghai Municipal Government Decision-making Consulting Research Project, Principal

  • 2009.10-2010.04  Exhibition evaluation system construction research, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Principal

  • 2009.05-2009.12  Exhibition evaluation model and textile industry market research, Yadong Exhibition Service Company, Project Investigator

  • 2008-2009  Shanghai service trade development and industrial structure transformation and upgrading research, Shanghai Service Trade Development Medium and Long term Planning Special Projects, Principal Investigator

  • 2005.04-2006.07  Exhibition project management personnel to enhance the development of research, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Principal Investigator

  • 2005.04-2006.07  Tourism brokerage qualification to enhance the development of research, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Participant


  • Undergraduate: Introduction of Tourism, Business Travel and Tourism, Tourism Marketing Planning