Biao Ma

Office: Xuri Building 701


research interests: Intelligent Decision-Making, Design Thinking


Biao Ma is currently an associate professor in the School of Management, Donghua University.


  • 2003.09-2011.05  Management Science and Engineering, School of Management, Donghua University, Ph.D.

  • 1996.09-1999.03  Management, School of Management, Donghua University, M.S.

  • 1992.09-1996.07 Industry Management, School of Management, Donghua University, B.S.

Work Experience

  • since 2006.11    Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University, Associate Professor

  • 1999.03-2006.10  The School of Management, Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University, Assistant Professor

Academic Experience

  • 2007.08-2018.01  School of Management, Boston University, Visiting Scholar


Journal Papers

  • Ma, B., & Li, X. (2020). Mining method of text emotion intensity distribution for kano model. Service Science and Management, 9(1): 61-71.

  • Zhang, X., & Ma, B. (2020). Construction of tourism science knowledge graph based on the content of travelogs. Hans Journal of Data Mining, 10(1): 56-67.

  • Qiao, C., & Ma, B. (2020). Clothing style trend forecasting method based on design element, E-Commerce Letters, 9(1): 10-17.

  • Huang, J., & Ma, B. (2018). How contents of web site influent consumers' purchasing intention? - a meta-analysis. China Market, (7): 11-13.

  • Chen, H., & Ma, B. (2017). A Chinese product feature extraction method based on knn algorithm. Open Journal of Social Sciences, (5): 128-138.

Chapters, Academic Books, and Textbooks

  • Song, F., Ma, B., & Dong, P. (2017). Enterprise Decision-Making and Simulation, Science Press.

Teaching and Research Projects

  • 2020  Study on innovation of healthy food based on design thinking, Industry Project, Principal

  • 2020  Study on customers growth at 'internet+' age based on design thinking, Industry Project, Principal

  • 2019  Study on Shanghai consumption industry transformation under digital economy, Participant

  • 2018  Design thinking and innovation, shanghai municipal education commission, Principal

  • 2017  Improving innovation capability of university students: Research and practice, China Textile Industry Associate, Principal

  • 2015  Research on multi-stage differential evolutionary computation, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Participant


  • Undergraduate: Design Thinking and Innovation, Building Enterprise Software Platform, IT Project Management, Business Intelligence Software, Object Oriented Programming


Academic Association Memberships

  • Computer Science Society of Shanghai, Member