Mochou Li

Office: Administration Building 311


research interests: Financial Accounting, Auditing and Value Investment


Mochou Li, is the associate professor of School of Management of Donghua University, master tutor and the Chinese Certified Public Accountant. She is mainly engaged in the research of financial accounting, auditing and value investment and other related fields. She has presided over two national and provincial fund projects and participated in many national and municipal projects. She presided over the construction of Shanghai key course “Financial Analysis”, and won the winning award in the Second Shanghai Young Teachers' Teaching Competition, the 17th session and 21st session of Donghua University as “a Good Teacher in My Mind”, “MPAcc Outstanding Tutor” in GSSBM, “The Favorite Teacher of the Class of 2017 at The School of Management of Donghua University” and other titles. Professor Li serves as a project reviewer for the National Natural Science Foundation of China and an anonymous reviewer for several journals.


  • 2009.09-2013.06  Accounting,Fudan University, Ph.D.                                

  • 2004.09-2007.01  Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, M.A.                 

  • 2000.09-2004.07  Public Administration, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, B.S.

Work Experience

  • since 2017.10   The School of Management, Donghua University, Associate Professor,Master Tutor

  • 2013.09-2017.09  The School of Management, Donghua University, Assistant Professor, Master Tutor

Academic Experience

  • 2011.09-2012.02  San Diego state, Visiting Scholar.

  • 2009.09-2010.03  Albert, Visiting Professor.

Honors and Awards

  • The Second Shanghai University Young Teachers Teaching Competition Winning Award.

  • The 17th session of Donghua University as a Good Teacher in My Mind

  • The 21st session of Donghua University as a Good Teacher in My Mind

  • The First Prize in the Teaching Competition of School of Management, Donghua University.

  • The Second Prize of Young Teachers' Teaching Competition of Donghua University.

  • MPAcc Outstanding Tutor of School of Management, Donghua University

  • Favorite Teacher of the Class of 2017 at The School of Management, Donghua University.


Journal Papers

  • Li, M., Ren, J. (2017). Symbolic Punishment? A Study on the Relationship among Regulatory Punishment, Audit Opinions and Audit Fees. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 031(001), 84-101.

  • Li, M. (2017). Audit standards and audit failure: an analysis from csrc sanctions. Journal of Audit and Economics, 32(02): 56-65.

  • Li, M., Zhou, H. & Xia, L. (2015). Do risk-oriented auditing standards improve accountants' sensitivity to clients' risks?. Journal of Finance and Eonomics, 41(09): 96-107.          

  • Li, M., & Zhou, H. (2013). Audit criteria, audit risk and client mix. The Chinese Certified Public Accountant, (06): 88-93.

  • Chen, X., Li, M., Rui, M., & Xia, L. (2009). Judiciary independence and the enforcement of investor protection laws: Market responses to the '1/5' notice of the supreme people's court of China. China Economic Quarterly, 28.  

  • Fang, Y., Xia, L., & Li, M. (2006). On the causes of the performance change of listed firms engaged in control transfer: Evidence based on the efficiency theory and the regulation theory. Journal of Finance and Economics, (01): 53-64.   

  • Li, M. (2003). Empirical analysis of assets appraisal of listed companies. Economic Theory and Business Management, (10): 42-46.     

  • Zhou, Q., Xia, L. & Li, M. (2003). Deviation between major shareholder infringement and asset evaluation of listed companies. Statistical Research, (10):39-44.

Chapters, Academic Books, and Textbooks

  • Xia, L., & Li, M. (2021). Financial Analysis for Value Investors, China Machine Press.

  • Li, M. (2016). A Study on the Implementation Effect of Risk-Oriented Auditing Standards, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press.  

Teaching and Research Projects

  • 2019-2021  A research on auditing under the registration system of science innovation board, Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, Principal

  • 2015-2018  The impact of risk-oriented auditing standards on audit quality: A study based on the overall and total scores of firms and the level of certified public accountants, National Natural Science Foundation of China (no.71402023), Principal


  • Undergraduate:Accounting, Financial Analysis

  • Graduate:Auditing Theory and Practice


Academic and Social Posts

  • Reviewer for journals, such as China Economic Quarterly, Journal of Finance and Economics and Accounting and Economics Research

Academic Association Memberships

  • Auditing Society of Shanghai, Member