Jiyou Li

Office: Xuri Building 602

Email: ljyou@dhu.edu.cn

research interest: accounting theory, financial accounting


Jiyou Li, Male, Yao nationality, born in December, 1969, Shaoyang, Hunan Province, associate professor and master supervisor of Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University; He is a senior member of China accounting society of the ministry of finance, a member of the accounting department of the ministry of education, a member of the business administration discipline expert database, and a member of the accounting discipline of Shanghai educational committee, a member of the administration of business administration discipline expert database. In 2005, he was selected as outstanding young teacher of Shanghai (2008). Long engaged in accounting theory, financial accounting, financial accounting theory and practice, the government and the non-profit organization accounting scientific research and teaching, he has been a visiting scholar at universities in Russia's far east, San Diego state, California, Canada, Albert. Published more than 60 academic papers in China, more than 11 papers are included in CSSCI. He has presided one project supported by national philosophy and social science foundation, one project supported by Shanghai municipal education committee, participated in one major projects of the ministry of education, and participated in six provincial and ministerial projects. Project “under the condition of the new economy risk investment and the investment choice of commercial Bank” has won the third prize of China investment society (2002, participate in and written in full), get the second prize of Hunan investment institute in 2001 because of the article “a theory of capital market and the capital price”, and the article “the bank risks and the risks bank” has won the award of “meet the challenge, the financial innovation” in China Construction Bank of Hunan sub-branch (2001).


  • 1997  Department of Economics, Xiamen University, Ph.D.

  • 1994  Department of Law, Yunnan University, M.A.

  • 1989  Department of Political Education, Shaoyang University, B.S.

Work Experience

  • Since 2003.06    Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University, Associate Professor, Master supervisor.

  • 2000.06-2003.05  Hunan sub-branch, China Construction Bank, Staff member, Senior Economist.

  • 1992.09-1994.09  Dongkou County Luo Xi High School, Hunan Province, Teacher.

Academic Experience

  • 2011.09-2012.02  San Diego state, Visiting Scholar.

  • 2009.09-2010.03  Albert, Visiting Professor.

Honors and Awards

  • Shanghai universities excellent course, Accounting, Main participant.


Journal Papers

  • Li, J. (2017). The impact on environmental tax reform on China`s ecologic environmental and economic development. Management World, 3: 170-171.

  • Li, J., & Duo, S. (2017). Does accounting regulation just emphasize the technical nature? Research of Institutional Economics, 01: 233-246.

  • Li, J., & Zhang, X. (2016). Business cycle, accounting conservatism and corporate investment. The Theory of Business, 11: 146-147.

  • Li, J., & Li, B. (2016). Chinese certified public accountants’ industry expertise and audit quality relationship of empirical research. China's Township Enterprises Accounting, 01: 157-158.

  • Li, J., & Cai, M. (2016). An empirical study of available for sale financial assets classification of motivation in listed company. Enterprise Leader, 01: 11-12.

  • Li, J., & Fan, Y. (2015). The empirical analysis of government subsidy and excessive remuneration. Business Accounting, 08: 13-15.

  • Li, J., & He, S. (2015). Comparative study on value relevance of comprehensive income -based on the financial industry and real estate industry in Shanghai A shares. Administrative Assets and Financial Business, 06: 1-3.

  • Li, J., & Zhao, J. (2014). Empirical research on relationship between earnings management and short-term assets impairment provision. Accountant, 07: 8-10.

  • Li, J., & Zhou, Y. (2012). Based on the investment real estate fair value measurement of earnings management research. Accountant, 10: 6-7.

  • Li, J., & Hu, J. (2011). Literature review of computer audit. China Township Enterprises Accounting, 11: 229-232.

Chapters, Academic Books, and Textbooks

  • Li, J. (2004). System of Capital of the Commercial Bank, Science Press.

  • Li, J. (2016). Study on the Government Financial Reporting System, Science Press.

Teaching and Research Projects

  • 2014.12-2016.10  Study on the government financial reporting system (no. 20165229), National Philosophy Social Science Foundation of China (14FJY004), Principal.

  • 2003.12-2005.12  Under the socialist market system do innovation research on the capital system of commercial bank (4S108025), Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Project, Principal.

  • 2010.01- 2015.12  Analysis on Financial risk and forewarning mechanism in collage, Key Project of Ministry of Education philosophy and society study (07ZD0020), Participant.

  • 2013.07-2016.12  Reporting on our country accounting standards execution path optimization and guarantee mechanism from the financial reporting on the relationship between government and enterprise perspective, Project of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission (13S10840), Participant.

  • 2008.01-2011.12  The innovate audit system of shanghai creative entrepreneurs and applied research, Project of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission (08S10807), Participant.

  • 2009.01-2012.02  Analysis on Financial risk and forewarning mechanism in Shanghai Universities, Project of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission (09ZD0021), Participant.