Qinping Du

Office: Xuri Building 522

Email: duqp@dhu.edu.cn

research interests: marketing, quality control


  • 1997.10-1998.03  Quality Management, Hong Kong Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd. Headquarters, Ph.D.

  • 1995.06-1999.01  Business Management, China Textile University, M.A.

  • 1981.09-1985.07  Industrial Management Engineering, China Textile University, B.S.

Work Experience

  • Since 2001.01    Guangzhou Tianchuang Fashion Footwear Co., Management Consultant

  • 1998.07-2002.03  Hong Kong Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd., Part-Time Reviewer.

Honors and Awards

  • 2011  First Prize of teaching achievement of Donghua University in the “A New Model of Cultivating Project-style, International and Fashion Marketing and Management Talent Based on Network Platform” program.

  • 2009  Third Prize of Shanghai teaching achievement in the “Research and Practice on Teaching Quality Control System of College” program.

  • 2008  Shanghai Third Prize and Donghua University Second Prize in "Consumer Psychology" course construction project.

  • 2005  Third Prize of teaching achievement of higher education of Shanghai municipal in the “Research on Quality Inspection and Quality Control Technology of Graduation Thesis” program.

  • 2003  “Outstanding Paper Award” of First China Quality Academic Forum of China Quality Association Academic Education Working Committee.

  • 2000  Participated in compiling the teaching materials "New Modern Marketing", was awarded Second Price of outstanding teaching materials of universities in Shanghai.

  • 1999  Excellent Young Teacher of Donghua University.

  • 1997  Third Prize of teaching achievement of China Textile Federation Department and First Prize of school-level teaching achievement of China Textile University in the “Creation of a Distinctive Clothing Marketing Course System” program.


Journal Papers

  • Du, Q., & Zhang, X. (2016). A study on the influencing factors of women's online shopping experience, Chinese Marketing, 868: 26-28.

  • Yu, J., Yang, Y. & Du, Q. (2012). Evaluation and comparative study on the value of garment brand, Journal of Textile Research, 33:134-139.

  • Yu, K., Shen, L., Du, Q., Yu, J. & Li, H. (2011). The fighting of Chinese men’s brand, Sales and Marketing, 95-99.

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  • Du, Q. (2008). Cheap Casual Clothes Display: It doesn’t matter about a bit messy, Sales and Marketing, 66-69.

  • Du, Q. (2008). The arrangement strategies of clothing chain store management staff, Shanghai Enterprise, 29-31.

Chapters, Academic Books, and Textbooks

  • Du, Q. (1998). PR Skills and Case, Chinese Textile Press.

  • Du, Q., & Zhang, H. (2005). Commercial Bank Service Marketing, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press.

  • Shen, L., Du, Q. Yu, J., Li, H., &Yu, K. (2009). Research on the Value of Chinese Clothing Brand (1), Tsinghua University Press.

Teaching and Research Projects

  • Since 2015.5  Research on the optimization of data analysis and operation of Jeanswest 's online shopping business.

  • Since 2014.1  A study on the effective application of new media in college students' entrepreneurship – a case study of Donghua University.

  • Since 2009.1  Evaluation on the value of Chinese clothing brand.

  • 2015-2016  A study on the lifestyle of the new generation of migrant workers.

  • 2008.1-6  Research on innovation of integration marketing of World Expo tourism.

  • 2007.3-7  Research on the innovation of urban tourism development in Shanghai.

  • 2006.9  Research on the current situation of Junwei company 's customer satisfaction and the strategies of improving customer satisfaction.

  • 2006.3  Research on dynamic management model of service standard based on GAP model and CIS method.

  • 2005.10  Research on marketing skills and marketing management knowledge training of salesman of Junwei company.

  • 2004.7  Based on Shanghai-research on the development model of tourism in Anhui province which is gearing to the Shanghai tourism.

  • 2004.1  Marketing specialty curriculum construction - innovation and development of financial service marketing.

  • 2003.6  Research on the strategic orientation and development of Shanghai Indoor Textile Economic Park.

  • 2002.4  Research on senior men clothing brands in Shanghai market launched by Germany WINDSOR company.

  • 2002.10  Research on business operation improvement and market competition of Jeanswest.

  • 2001.4  Research on operation system of Beijing KISSCAT (Chain).

  • 2000.6-2002.3  Research on supervision and revision of ISO9000 of Jeanswest at each port.

  • 1999,1998  winter coordination of “Jeanswest’s national market research and plan of mysterious unannounced visits”.

  • 1999.9  Research on CI system planning of Shanghai Knitwear Import and Export Corporation of Dongfang International Group.

  • 1999.6  Research on Department of Marketing of China Textile University and Glorious Sun Enterprise Ltd. building together practice base of students of Department of Marketing in China Textile University.

  • 1999.6  Research on 1999 summer coordination of “Jeanswest’s national market research and plan of mysterious unannounced visits”.

  • 1999.6  Review of Jeanswest’s ISO9000 system at each port.

  • 1999.3  Research on the current situation and development trend of Jeanswest 's product portfolio.

  • 1999.12  Research on design and extension of CI system of Jiangsu Jingxing Clothing Co., Ltd.

  • 1999.12  Research on 1999 winter coordination of “Jeanswest’s national market research and plan of mysterious unannounced visits”.

  • 1998.9  Research on promotion of ISO9000 of Suzhou Juebai Weaving Co., Ltd.

  • 1998.8  Research on planning and implementation of “Jeanswest’s national market research and plan of mysterious unannounced visits”.

  • 1998.6  Research on establishment and implementation of “ISO9000 quality management system of Management Institution of Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd.

  • 1998.5  Research on cross-century reform and optimization of specialty curriculum of marketing.

  • 1998.2  Research on planning and implementation of “Jeanswest’s fully carrying out of ISO9000 program at each port”.

  • 1996.9  Market research on Shanghai decoration cloth.

  • 1996.4  Research on strategic planning and implementation of marketing in Textile Head Office in Changning District, Shanghai.

  • 1996.10  Research on establishing distinctive course system of marketing in clothing market.

  • 1995.9  CIS research on Shanghai Department Stores.

  • 1995.8  Research on marketing strategies of Xianxia Commercial Building in Shanghai Shibai Ninth Store.