Jianguo Zheng

Office: Xuri Building 706

Email: zjg@dhu.edu.cn

research interests: Intelligent decision-making and data mining


Zheng Jianguo, Doctoral Supervisor and Professor, School of Management, Donghua University. He is the deputy director of the Shanghai Education and Science and Technology Committee of the Chinese Revolution and the president of the management branch of the Shanghai University Engineering Training Association. In recent years, he has presided over and participated in more than 30 projects, including the National "863" Program, National Natural Science Foundation, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Sinopec, Ping An, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Education, Shanghai Natural Science Foundation, Shaanxi Natural Science Foundation, and Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Planning. Key Technologies and Applications of Double Brain (Brain-Computer) Perception and Computing for Smart Service won the first prize of Science and Technology Award of China Business Federation (provincial and ministerial level). He has published more than 250 academic papers in important journals at home and abroad. Among them, more than 40 articles were searched by SCI, EI and ISTP. Published a monograph on "115" ministerial level planning, called "Technical and Economic Analysis". In recent years, more than 180 postdoctoral, doctoral and master's students have been trained.


  • 2003.02-2005.05 the Computer Science and Engineering Postdoctoral Station, Northwest University, Post doctor.

  • 1999.02-2003.02 Intelligent Information Processing, Institute of Electronic Engineering, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Ph.D.

  • 1994.09-1997.03  System Engineering, School of Economics and Management, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, M.A.

  • 1979.09-1983.07  Applied Mathematics, Department of Mathematical Mechanics, Sun Yat-sen University, B.S.

Honors and Awards

  • 2016  the first "Good Teacher of Foreign Students" award from Donghua University

  • 2015  the Key Technology and Application of Perception and Computation of Brain (Brain-Machine) for Wisdom Service" won the first prize of Chinese Chamber of Commerce Science and Technology Award

  • 2012  Popular Tutor award in Donghua University Tutor Show

  • 2002  First prize of outstanding papers of "Chinese university education and scientific research


Journal Papers

  • Liu, Q., & Zheng, J. (2020). Research on analysis of network planning technology in construction schedule management. Engineering Construction and Design, 426(04), 236-237.

  • Zhang, Y., & Zheng, J. (2020). Research on emotion classification of feature class based on self-attention gated convolutional neural network. Computer Science and Applications, 10(11).

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  • Wei, R., Zheng, J., Zhang, H., & Bao, L. (2017). Research on text emotion mining with marketing effect. Statistics and Decision (09):50-55.

  • Chen, Z., & Zheng, J. (2017). Multi-objective differential evolution algorithm based on two populations. Information Technology and Informatization (12).

  • Zheng, J., Chen, K., & Cai, W. (2017). Multi-objective differential evolution algorithm based on population adaptive adjustment. Operations Management, 26(006):29-34.

Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Zhu, J., Zheng, J., & Li, J. (2009). Reliability and sensitivity analysis of extension group decision-making, International Conference on Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering. (EI)

  • Zhu, J., Zheng, J., & Li, J. (2009). Application of multi-objective extension group decision-making model based on entropy, 2009 International Conference on Engineering Management and Service Sciences. (EI)

  • Qin, C., Zhu, J., & Zheng, J. (2009). Hybrid evolutionary algorithm for multi-objective job shop scheduling, presented at 2009 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Intelligent Systems.

  • Liu, R., Zheng, J., & Wang, X. (2010). A method for clustering e-business contents, presented at 2010 WASE International Conference on Information Engineering.

  • Zhou, L., & Zheng, J. (2011). Immune clone algorithm to solve the multi-object problems, International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Science. (EI Indexed)

  • Gan, X., & Zheng, J. (2011). Multi-agent based hybrid evolutionary algorithm. 2011 Seventh International Conference on Natural Computation. (EI Indexed)

  • Liao, C., & Zheng, J. (2011).Boosting data access based on predictive caching, presented at 2011 2nd International Conference on Data Storage and Data Engineering.

  • Nduwimfura, P., & Zheng, J. (2014). The present and future of information system outsourcing in Africa, presented at 2014 International Conference on Computer, Network Security and Communication Engineering. (EI Indexed)

Chapters, Academic Books, and Textbooks

  • Zheng, J. (2008). Technical and economic analysis. Beijing: China Textile Press.

  • Yan, R., Wu, Z., & Zheng, J. (2013). Rough Set Theory of Domain Expansion Theory and its Application in Expert System. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press.

Teaching and Research Projects

  • 2015.01-2017.12  Shanghai research on differential evolution based on adaptive multi-stage, Natural Science Foundation Project (no. 15ZR1401600), Principal

  • 2012.01-2014.12  Application of double-domain rough set theory in management decision, shanghai science and technology development research center (no. ZX201201000027), Principal

  • 2013.12-2014.12  Research report of the VOC and heavy metal detection capacity development under big data environment, Shanghai Textile Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Center (no. 10813530), Principal

  • 2011.12-2012.08  Study on the train of thought and mechanism of teachers' human development in Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Decision-making Research Project (no. J1201)

  • 2011.04-2011.12  Research on Shanghai energy conservation and environmental protection testing public service platform, Shanghai Textile Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Center Research Project (no. 10811150), Principal

  • 2010.01-2012.12  Study on multi-agent quantum evolution model (no. 70971020), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Principal.

  • 2009.07-2010.12  Study on clothing rapid response marketing model, Shanghai Textile Technology Development Center project, (no. 10809205), Principal

  • 2009.02-2009.12  Study on butadiene device off the bottleneck for reconstruction scheme and operation optimization of butadiene unit, China Petrochemical Research Project, (no. 10809172), Principal

  • 2007.06-2007.12  A feasibility study and business plan of international humanitarian emergency rescue guangxi park (no. 10807199), China Ministry of Civil Affairs Emergency Rescue Promotion Center Research Project (HX200710000012)

  • 2007.03-2009.12  Research on creative economy and china 's development strategy, Ministry of Education philosophy and social science research major issues research project, (no. 06JZD0021), sub-topic one: Theoretical Study on the Application of Creative Economy.

  • 2006.09-2008.08  Research on key technology of image data mining based on multi-agent quantum computing, Shanghai Natural Science Foundation Project, (no. 06ZR14004), Principal.

  • 2006.01-2006.12  Research on customer knowledge management system, ORACLE Company research project (HX200605000017), Principal.

  • 2005.07-2006.08  Study on data mining based on immune calculation, Shanghai Science and Social Sciences Planning Project, (no. 2005BJB001), Principal.

  • 2004.01-2006.12  Research on data mining technology based on medical image, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), (no. 60372072), Principal.

  • 2003.03-2004.12  Study on biomimetic data mining technology and its application, Postdoctoral Science Foundation, (No. 2003033519), Principal.


  • Undergraduate: Data Analysis and Mining.

  • Graduate: Operational Management, Technical Economics, Systems Engineering.

  • Doctoral: Mathematical Methodology of Modern Management.