Lei Wang

Office: Xuri Building 405

Email: wanglei7296@dhu.edu.cn

research interests: International Business, Strategy and Innovation


Prof. Lei Wang have been principal investigator in more than 15 Chinese national research programs funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science, Humanities and social science project of Ministry of Education and Soft science project of Ministry of science and technology. He has completed 20 major research projects supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the National Social Science Fund in collaboration with other colleagues and have been awarded twice the third-prize of outstanding social sciences achievements. Prof. Lei Wang have published over 70 research papers in Chinese and International Journals such as R&D Management, Journal of technology transfer, Nankai Economic Studies, Chinese Journal of Management, and Science Research Management etc. Prof. Lei Wang’s research interests mainly focus on knowledge management of multinational companies, corporate strategy and innovation.


  • 2002.09-2005.05   Economics, School of Economics, Sichuan University, Ph.D. 

Work Experience

  • Since 2013.09    Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University, Professor, PhD supervisor

  • 2007.09-2013.08   Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University, Associate Professor, Master supervisor

  • 2006.03-2007.08   Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University, Lecturer

Academic Experience

  • 2014.09-2015.09  School of business, Curtin University, Visiting scholar

Honors and Awards

  • 2016  Selected in “Shanghai Pujiang talent plan”

  • 2015  Selected in “Donghua University inspirational program”

  • 2011  China Textile Economic Excellence Paper Award

  • 2010  Congress of Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Society, Young Scholars outstanding award

  • 2010  China Textile Economic Excellence Paper Award

  • 2009  Selected as the R&D elite to take part in Shanghai higher education institutions top-rank research training program

  • 2006  Chongqing provincial government outstanding social sciences achievement award

  • 2004  Guangxi provincial government outstanding social sciences achievement award


Journal Papers

  • Wang, L., Zhang, C., Huo, D﹡., Li, J., Fan, X. (2020). The influence of unilateral supplier transaction-specific investments on international buyer opportunism: Empirical findings from local suppliers in China. International Marketing Reivew (SSCI, A; 2018IF: 3.447), 37 (2), 213-239.

  • Xu, Q.Q., Wang, L﹡. (2019). The Effect of OFDI Intensity on TFP: The Moderating Role of R&D. Transformations in Business & Economics, (SSCI, B), 18 (3C), 381-393.

  • Wang, L﹡., Jiang, F., Li, J. Motohashi, K.Zheng, X. (2019). The Contingent Effects of Asset Specificity, Contract Specificity, and Trust on Offshore Relationship Performance. Journal of Business Research (SSCI, A; 2019IF: 4.028), 99(3), 338-349.

  • Wang, L﹡., Zhang, C., Jiang, F., Li, J. (2019). Matching governance mechanisms with transaction-specific investment types and supplier roles: An empirical study of cross-border outsourcing relationships. International Business Review (SSCI, A; 2019IF: 3.639), 28(2), 316-327.

  • Wang, L., Huo, D﹡., Motohashi, K. (2019). Coordination Mechanisms and Overseas Knowledge Acquisition for Chinese Suppliers: The Contingent Impact of Production Mode and Contractual Governance. Journal of International Management (SSCI, A; 2019IF: 2.830), 25(2), 1-19.

  • Wang, S., Wang, L﹡. (2018). Study on the Export Effect of China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment—An Empirical Research Based on Investment Intensity and Investment Breadth. Transformation in Business and Economics (SSCI, B), 16(3C), 379-396.

  • Wang, L., Li, J﹡., Huang, S. (2018). The asymmetric effects of local and global network ties on firm’s innovation performance. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing (SSCI, A; 2018IF: 1.961), 33(3), 377-389.

  • Wang, L﹡., Li, J. (2017). The antecedents and innovation outcomes of firms’ absorptive capacity in global buyer-supplier relationships. Journal of Technology Transfer (SSCI, A; 2019IF: 4.037). 42(6), 1407-1430.

  • Wang, L﹡., Terziovski, M., Jiang, F., Li, J. (2017). The effect of social capital on local suppliers’ exploitative and exploratory learning in global buyer–supplier relationships: the moderating role of contract specificity. R&D Management (SSCI, A; 2019IF: 2.354), 47(4), 654-668.

Teaching and Research Projects

  • 2019-2020  Study on Using Overseas R&D to Enhance the Innovation Capability of Manufacturing Industry in Shanghai, Shanghai Soft Science Project. 

  • 2016-2019  A study of knowledge acquisition model and reverse transfer effectiveness in technology-seeking OFDI firms, National Natural Science Foundation of China.

  • 2009-2013  Innovation Mode of Textile industry cluster under GVC, National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science(China), National Foundation of Social Science. 

  • 2014-2016  Dual embeddedness innovation mode of manufacturing industry cluster, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, National Soft Science Project, Chief Investigator and Project Leader. 

  • 2010-2011  Mode and Performance of Industry Cluster Dominated by FDI, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, National Soft Science Project. 

  • 2006-2008  The technology upgradation of industry cluster in Yangtze River Delta, Ministry of Education of China, Social Science Project. 

  • 2013-2017  Research on the modular design and value creation model of creative industry cluster, National Nature Science Foundation of China. 

  • 2011-2013  Research on the reform of promoting the equalization of basic public services in the fiscal system, Ministry of Education of China, Social Science Project.


  • Macroeconomics, Regional Economics, Finance Management, Management Research Method