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报告题目:Improving Learning Habits via Digital Interventions: A Field Experiment of Social Norms



地点: 旭日楼306教室

报告内容简介:Procrastination, the tendency to postpone study until the deadline, is common among students. Prior research has discussed how alternative course designs such as imposing multiple intermediate deadlines may reduce student procrastination. In this study, we evaluate a technology-enabled approach of reducing student procrastination through social norms. Such normative interventions can be seamlessly integrated into learning management systems (LMSs) without changes to existing pedagogical designs. Our field experiments reveal that the effects of social norms in reducing procrastination are nuanced and complex. Social normative information affects student behavior only if the prevalence level of the norms exceeds a threshold. Moreover, providing normative information has an effect only for male students in a male-majority class. Such social-norms messages do not affect students in a female-majority environment due to a spillover effect from female group members – studying in a mixed-gender group reduces male students’ response to normative messages. Our study highlights the heterogeneous effects of social-norm interventions and has implications for the optimal design of LMSs.

报告人简介:王刚博士是美国特拉华大学商学院助理教授。他于2015年在美国康涅狄格大学取得博士学位。他的研究兴趣主要包括社交媒体和社会影响、电子商务战略等。他的研究成果主要发表在Decision Support SystemsACM Transactions on Management Information SystemsJournal of Electronic Commerce Research等国际重要期刊上,ISRMISQJMISDSS、南开管理评论(国际版)等多个期刊的匿名审稿人。