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报告题目:Does Omnichannel Selling with Pre-Order Benefit a Retailer in the Presence of Strategic Consumers?




报告内容简介:Retailers nowadays increasingly integrate independent selling channels, moving from the multichannel paradigm to the omnichannel paradigm. In this paper we study omnichannel selling with the pre-order option and returns policy for a retailer in the presence of strategic consumers. We show that omnichannel selling with pre-order is not necessarily beneficial to the retailer in general. We identify the thresholds for unit production cost and demand uncertainty, above which omnichannel selling with pre-order is beneficial. In addition, we derive the conditions under which omnichannel with pre-order and returns policy is favorable by the retailer, even if the returned product cannot be resold. Moreover, studying the effects of the proportion of the strategic consumers in the market, we show that under some conditions omnichannel selling with pre-order will bring more profit to the retailer when the market share of the strategic consumers increases.

报告人简介:董慈蔚是中南财经政法大学工商管理学院副教授,文澜青年学者。他于2014年在香港理工大学商学院取得博士学位。他的研究兴趣主要包括可持续运营和供应链管理。他的研究成果主要发表在Production and Operations Management (UT Dallas 24份商学院顶级期刊之一)International Journal of Production Economics, Annals of Operations Research, Journal of the Operational Research Society等国际顶级和权威期刊上,并有多篇文章入选ESI高被引论文。此外,他还主持包括国家自然科学基金在内的多项研究课题,并且是多个SCI/SSCI期刊的匿名审稿人。