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报告题目:Real-time procurement problem for deteriorating items with limited price information

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报告人: 代文强教授




Traditional procurement model for deteriorating items assume the procurer have full information about the procurement price. In this talk, we will discuss two procurement models in which a procurer faces price uncertainty, under constant deterioration rate assumption or random deterioration rate assumption. For each models, we propose a simple and effective real-time procurement policy where the decisions are made only based on the current arriving price and inventory level, with entirely arbitrary non-stationary and even adversarial price sequence arrivals. The only information we need is the lower and upper bounds for price. Thus, our policy delivers robust performance to changing price over time. A theoretical closed-form relative performance criterion of the competitive ratio (CR) is also proven to give the performance guarantee. Our numerical experiments demonstrate even better empirical performance than the corresponding proven worst-case bounds.